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Ruin My Life

Ruin My Life is an Alternative Rock project that I wrote during a difficult period in my life. The songs in this EP tell a story of toxic relationships, breakups, and friends that are tied together with melodic interludes to tie the songs together. 

The first song is an introduction to the EP which flows into Ruin My Life. This song tells the story of the toxic relationship that we continue to go back to, even though we understand how bad that person is for us. It’s a sense of comfortability that resides in the relationship that we cannot break free from.  

I Took You Off Everything was written about a girl I was dating at one time who went behind my back and lied to me. She actually helped teach me to be careful who you trust and to keep your circle small. Whenever someone crosses the line with me, I just remove them from my life through phone, social media, and everything else. 

She Lesbian was actually an inside joke between one of my   old friends and I that I decided to make into a song. 

The last song of the EP, Save You, was written while I was visiting a friend in Miami. The city really inspired me to continue to work hard as a producer throughout these tough times we’ve all been going through. In a sense, Miami saved me and my creativity. The lyrics of this song were written by my two friends who are in a relationship. I challenged them to write a song as if they were breaking up in order to get some raw emotion to flow throughout the song. They completely exceeded my expectations.